"You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete"
Buckminster Fuller

Our Mission

TRU Education

offered multifaceted curriculum guiding adults through personal transformation from 2011-2019, online since 2012. We championed intermediate level mindfulness & emotional intelligence curriculum through the lens of Buddhist & Yogic Traditions, skillfully adapted to modern living. We humbly served over 3000 participants with unique experiential courses. We are not currently offering any courses and this site is stripped to be a basic archive. Sign up for our newsletter to be notified of future changes.

TRU Teachers

We are an organization of people dedicated to offering positive change to the world.

Cristina Star

Founder & Director
Interdisciplinary Scientist

Direction & Rhythm

Cristina is the Founder and Director of TRU weaving together 10 years of academics & research in Physics with UC Berkeley, monastic living, over 25 years of yoga and 15 of shamanic healing practices. She teaches and operates this organization from an ethics and value based structure of her own design.

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Ekabhumi Ellik

Sacred Aritst, Poet, Author & Yogi

Creation & Wisdom

A classically trained artist, Ekabhumi was also a champion slam poet and coach on his way to mastery of traditional Hindu Sacred Art and success as an author. He teaches how to understand our role and participation in the material world as inspired co-creators.

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Christine Mason

Mindful Social Venture, Author, & Relationships Specialist

Creation & Love

Christine is a master in business and network innovation, with experience at TED, NOWlabs, and Rosebud. She carries a powerful voice for asking the right questions and seeking collaboration to address the poignant issues of this time. Mother of 6, she teaches on relationships, family, community, and global scales.

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Scott Blossom

Ayurvedic & TCM practitioner ~
Shadow Yogi

Movement, Health, Wisdom

Integrating the two major eastern medical systems with well over 10,000 hours of shadow yoga training and teaching, Scott offers a uniquely rigorous approach to understanding and working with the rhythm of life through movement, breath, lifestyle, and medicine.

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“When I enrolled, I too had no idea what I was getting into. I’ve done all kinds of online courses and this is by far the best put together program I’ve ever seen. FAB content. It was a scary proposal for me to dedicate shifting my attention to truth, but now that I am in it, it feels like home. Highly recommend!!!” ~Shelly 

“This program helped me root myself in basic sanity, communicate effectively from my truest self, deeply listen, remove old habits and patterns that stood in the way of my heart’s deepest longing, solidified a meditation practice, helped me identify my core values and beliefs and gave me the continent of a loving community and the guidance of truly wise teachers representing wisdom lineages that are humble and wise.” – 3x 40 Day Challenge participant

“Working with TRU is also a training in discipline. Or I always liked the term: blisscipline. It was an opportunity to practice showing up fully and changing habitual patterns around work, and transforming it into Service. The icing on the cake has been a rigorous training in presence. Presence touches attention to details, sensitivity, contextualizing situations and problems, and listening to the subtle complexity of each project, initiative, or situation.” ~Piper

“As the official Immersion program is coming to a close, I find myself reflecting on the moment I committed to it and laughing. At the time I was questioning whether or not it was a responsible financial commitment for someone with a young family. Now at the point of completion, the cost of the program seems so ridiculously insignificant in comparison to the value provided. What price is connection to the nature of Being? We recently bought a house and, knowing what I now know, I would gladly give up ‘my half’ if it was required to receive the teachings the TRU faculty provided over the past 6 months.” ~ David

“Reflecting years later on the long lasting effects of this course: I started meditating after taking this course, it was the final push for me to start my own practice. It also helped me learn to be less reactive and practice more grace in my personal interactions: lots of knowledge that I was able to integrate that I still use today, as well as share with my patients. Super grateful for this experience 🙂 ” ~Gabriella

“TRU is an offering unmatched in our time. It is a rebirth of a timeless something that is perfectly held by the Grace of this community that it  built.” ~ Lucid

TRU Teachers

We are an organization of people dedicated to offering positive change to the world. We are currently seeking to support New Teachers.

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