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Discover your TRUE Self

As we redesign our curriculum, we are not offering new courses until further notice. Please check back regularly and sign up for the newsletter for updates. If you are already enrolled in a course, Log In to access your course.

Many Blessings to you- Cristina Star, Director of TRU

Our Mission

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete ~ Buckminster Fuller

It is our mission to offer YOU access to inspiring teachers and programming that guides you into a life rooted in Reality; overflowing with fulfillment, health, connection, alignment, and joyful balance. We have a unique curriculum which invites students into a deeper experience of themselves and Truth, offering courses in the San Francisco Bay Area and online to the global community. Our teachers and staff are dedicated to integrity and we stand behind the absolute quality and effectiveness of our curriculum to transform the lives of engaged students.

We believe Human Beings, as individuals and a collective, have incredible potential that is largely untapped. Humans living this potential live from the experience of Truth: the Reality which exists without thinking about it. As we turn inward to heal the life of each individual by aligning with Truth, we address the concerns of the whole planet, because healthy, balanced, awakened individuals heal the Whole as themselves. 

We invite you to discover your True Self and learn to live Awake.

“TRU is an offering unmatched in our time. It is a rebirth of a timeless something that is perfectly held by the Grace of this community that it is building.” ~ 3rd year student


Our Teachers

We are an organization of people living what we teach, dedicated to offering positive change to the world.

Hareesh Wallis

Yoga Scholar Practitioner

Wisdom & Silence

With 3 advanced degrees from Oxford and UC Berkeley, and 26 years of yogic practice, Hareesh is an inspiring and clear teacher in the awareness and awakening technologies offered by the Yogic Tradition.

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Cristina Star

Founder & Director

Direction & Rhythm

Cristina is the Founder and Director of TRU weaving together 8 years of academics & research in Physics with UC Berkeley, monastic living, over 25 years of yoga and 15 of shamanic healing practices. She teaches and operates this organization from the feminine principle.

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Ekabhumi Ellik

Sacred Aritst, Poet, and Yogi

Creation & Wisdom

A classically trained artist, Ekabhumi was also a champion slam poet and coach on his way to mastery of traditional Hindu Sacred Art. He teaches how to understand our role and participation in the material world as inspired co-creators.

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Christine Mason

Awakened Social Venture & Relationships

Love in Relationship

Christine is a master in business and network innovation, with experience in TED and NOWlabs. She carries a powerful voice for asking the right questions and seeking collaboration to address the poignant issues of this time. Christine is the mother of 6 mature healthy adults and teaches how to engage clearly in relationships, on family, community, and global scales.

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Scott Blossom

Ayurvedic & TCM practitioner ~
Shadow Yogi

Movement, Health, Wisdom

Integrating the two major eastern medical systems with well over 10,000 hours of shadow yoga training and teaching, Scott offers a uniquely rigorous approach to understanding and working with the flow of lifeforce through movement, breath, lifestyle, and medicine.

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Piper Rose

Director of Delight, TRU Service

Delight, Movement, & Service

Piper has a delightful ability to inspire joy in every interaction. She has developed a system of bodywork for para-quadriplegics, curriculum development for major yoga studios, is the lead in the playful exercise performance troupe: Werkout Palace, and head of student support at TRU,

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Unique Courses

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Our Courses are your access to a transformative class experience.

“The immersion was an unquestionably transformational experience. Coming out the other side, the world feels completely different: radiant, harmonious, bursting with beauty in the smallest detail.” ~ Joshua

“This entire course has far exceeded any expectations from the point of signing up to be in this class. I have loved the devotion, dedication and knowledge of both of these amazing teachers.Thank you for your time to sit with us and share your wisdoms.” ~Donna

That’s just a sample of our offerings:

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Our Community

shares together


Our curriculum is uniquely designed from the “Aspects” of a balanced Human life incorporating the wisdom of the yoga tradition, indigenous cultures, Buddhism, nonviolent communication, and western science into modern living so that students can meet their potential. We offer programs at four “Levels of Engagement” to provide an in-depth transformative education for the awakening adult student. The result is contented, healthy, awake, fully engaged humans able to offer from their highest ability.

These are the Aspects of a balanced Human life living its potential. These are what we teach at TRU Education.

Silence ~ Wisdom ~ Service ~ Love ~ Ceremony ~ Delight ~ Creation ~ Movement Health Rhythm

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Our People

We are an organization of people living what we teach, dedicated to offering positive change to the world.

To explore more of Our Teachers visit Our Teachers Page.

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