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Community is the core of collaboration, and collaboration is the foundation of emergent harmony. To move beyond the competitive mindset, we are an organization that offers community and collaboration on four levels to learn and teach about how we can live together in balance and peace, and ultimately enjoy the deeply Human resonance within community. Locations are listed event by event.

You can experience the benefits of a warm awakening community by participating in any of our courses or open gatherings which include meditations, ceremonies, putlucks and more.


If you want to expand your participation in this community, you can add your talents and support through volunteering in our events, classes, growth, and business operations.

For the individual who feels drawn to learn from the teachers and staff more in depth, they apply to Intern as the Level of Enagement called Integration to receive guidance and skills for contribution and living the principles.

For those who are deeply living their path, we have a place for you to offer  your services through teaching. We are currently seeking additional adjunct faculty in the areas listed in the expanded section below.


We offer a warm welcoming learning environment which also cultivates lasting friendships and collaboration, and it all begins with participation. Students and friends are welcome to participate in any of the following ways:

  • enroll in any Exploring Level workshop or course
  • join our regular ceremonies, open lectures, or meditations
  • attend our community potluck dinners and outings
  • jump on the Forum! Anyone is welcome to make an account and join the online public conversations happening within the community of Truth speakers.

See the Courses page, and stop in with a Friend.


This organization could not have been built or continue to run without the loving service of our Volunteer community. For every class, and for all our operations we have positions available for contribution. At TRU, Volunteers

  • are matched with positions that utilize their innate talents to grow the organization organically.
  • receive the benefit of closer connection to the teachers
  • receive partial or full scholarships that cover tuition.
  • live anywhere, as we often can utilize assistance remotely in this globally connected era
  • feel the inherent joy of service

If you would like to volunteer with TRU, please contact Piper Rose.


For continuing students, we offer the opportunity for more in depth studies with direct internship with faculty and staff. This portion of our community is also our Integration Level of Engagement, and includes:

  • One on one sessions and personal guidance with select teachers and staff, depending on the area of focus
  • Working within the organization to create and promote our curriculum and cause
  • The cultivation of a skillset that includes how to work with the values we teach, something that looks radically different from mainstream culture as it is holistically nurturing.

The prerequisite for our program is successful completion of at least one Deepening Level Course. If you meet the criteria and feel inspired to continue with TRU, contact us.


We are still in the process of filling out our curriculum and have created a model to expand and incorporate many more offerings. Are you fully living your passion, established as a teacher, and living as an open channel for “Universal Will?” AND you feel called to reach out to offer with us? Great! Right now we are seeking to fill positions for courses in the following areas:

  • New Paradigm Social Activism
  • Permaculture/ Urban Gardening/ Sustainable living
  • Wilderness Exploration/ Adventure “sports”
  • Trauma healing
  • Are we missing anything?

Let us know how you want to contribute. Email the director with a class proposal.