Our Cause

Women’s Empowerment

As fully engaged co-creators of Earth and human culture, awakened social justice is an essential part of what we work with at TRU in our Service Aspect.

We believe that the greatest oppression of human rights has been the systematic destruction and oppression of feminine knowledge, values, and empowerment over millenia, especially with regards to indigenous wisdom traditions.

We also believe that the solution to the mounting environmental and social destruction we face currently is the restoration of education, empowerment, and rediscovery of the feminine values through women who embody brilliance, collaboration, beauty, and compassion.

Over 70% of our students are female bodied, and seeking to understand their own innate abilities. We support them in this journey and offer them the avenues to share what they learn with others.

If you identify as a woman and have a passion to teach, we support you in delivering your message to uplift humankind.