Since we are currently not offering courses, TRU Founder Cristina Star is offering consulting with individuals and organizations looking to launch their online offerings this year.

We rise by lifting others
Online education is an avenue not only for sharing what you are best at with an engaged audience, but also cultivating community, raising awareness, increasing status, building a client base, and earning income.

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Cristina Star- Online Course Specialist

Cristina Star is an Transformative Education Entrepreneur who loves to help people craft their talents into effective programs. Having enjoyed 8 years of college classes, she began producing public online courses for adults back in 2012 and built and operated the online education company, TRU Education, until 2018. Since, she has worked as a consultant for Thinkific and personal clients launching online courses. Her specialty is transformative education. Different from simply learning a skill or information, TE designs a shift where some qualities of the daily experience of the participant permanently transform. The online world is immense and it’s easy to get lost. It’s also easy to set yourself apart and reach like minded communities all over the globe, if you know how. Cristina helps clients think outside the box, question the status quo, and stay on the leading edge of technology and positive psychology to craft a truly unforgettable online education experience.

11/13/20 Crash Course: So You Want to Teach Online? Here is what you need to know…
Cristina Star Ryan TRU Education

Cristina Star

If this Lockdown has galvanized you to start teaching online for the first time, share more substantive offerings online, or move your entire career online, you are probably realizing its not as simple as you thought.

There is a LOT to consider:

  • How do you choose between the many platforms out there?
  • What about marketing, registration, effective emails, SEO, funneling, and accounting?
  • What affordable upgrades do you need to make for quality at-home production?
  • How can you optimize your curriculum for different learning modalities for an effective participant experience?
  • How do you track the experience of your participants and get feedback?
  • How can the structure of your course and marketing be in alignment with your core values and not be gimmicky?
  • Will you need a business license or a LLC? And how will this change your tax process?

You might be realizing you will need a virtual assistant, or a online specialist business coach, and finding the right help is another step before you can just offer what you already have to offer!

Of course, there are a bunch of ($expensive$) online coaching courses you can take that are geared to teach you how to do most of these things, and just finding one that doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth from the hoops and marketing "guru" personalities is a chore, AND it further delays you actually offering what you have to offer.

Can you figure all this out? Of course, you are a badass. But is researching and trial and error it the most beneficial way to spend your time?

I think not.

You are creative and ready to share your wisdom and connect to people. Your potential students are needing your support NOW; people are stuck at home looking for meaningful resources NOW. How can you be efficient and set your offering apart?

I want to support you with all of the above, and perfect your curriculum to make an unforgettable online offering.

I have been producing online classes focused on transformative curriculum with a virtual team since 2012. This is my jam and I know the ins and outs. I've been a part of this industry while it exploded and kept my finger on the pulse the entire time.

I am NOT trying to sell you my course on making a course. Nope, I'm here to offer you targeted, precise, practical support you need right now, so you can get moving.

I think its a massive waste of your talent to reinvent the wheel and stand alone trying to build all the support you need.

  • It's a passion of mine to organize support teams to help creatives like you bring your positive message to those who will benefit.
  • It's a talent of mine to help you design the best online experience, one that stands out in the cacophony of zoom calls and coaching group cul de sacs.
  • I have also helped to launch highly successful teaching careers: measured by growth, exposure, impact, and income. (There are more important criteria than six figures sales translated to empty results, but we have six figures too).
  • Plus, I'm a do-gooder and its just my thing to serve uplifting causes.
If you are ready to start teaching, lets talk.

Fill out the questionnaire, then I will personally contact you to schedule a 30 minute consultation to see how I can best support your needs, big or small. If we are not a good fit, I will offer you solid advice for what platforms and strategies are better suited for your goals so you can succeed, at no charge. 

Why would I do that? Because this feels like the best way I can show up right now in these crazy times, to offer what I do best for the benefit of all, you included.

I want you to do Well while doing Good. That helps everyone.

Looking forward to hearing about your creative ideas!

~Cristina Star, TRU Founder & Director

PS. This stuff is not rocket science, but I can do that also 😉

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I’ve done all kinds of online courses and this is by far the best put together program I’ve ever seen..."
Shelly- TRU course participant

Ekabhumi Ellik

"Cristina Star gave me crucial early support as a creator and instructor.

She invested hundreds hours to encourage me to teach, and to produce and promote those classes. Not simply because of potential economic return, but because she felt that the issues I could address would be of benefit to the student body she nurtured, and to the larger community world-wide.

She was right. Much of the curriculum I created for those workshops was edited to form the foundation of my books, and resulted in the workshops I now lead online and internationally.

She saw my potential as an art instructor before I myself did, and helped me dramatically improve my teaching skills.

She did this for several other instructors who are now well-known and uplifting tens of thousands of students."

Ekabhumi Ellik, Internationally known artist and teacher, author for Sounds True