Unique Courses

Silence  Wisdom  .   Service  .  Love  .  Ceremony  .  Play  .   Creation  .  Movement  .   Health  .  Rhythm


The foundation of embodying our Goal is Silence. Meditation, Mindfulness, contemplation, and subtle practices help to build the necessary clarity and resilience to thrive in this complex world.


 Our worldview sets our direction in life, like a rudder on a boat in a long journey, it matters a lot to be specific if you have particular goal. Wisdom includes science, philosophy, ethics, and embodied knowledge of what works in life.


Service includes Activism, Leadership, Social justice and thoughtful generosity. The deepest fulfillment stems from giving, and successful self development leads to a full engagement with the world; serving whomever, whatever, is right in front you.


Romance, Family, Colleagues, Community… Love is connection, acceptance, and the experience of our interconnectedness. In relationship to one another, it rarely seems so simple. We provide tools to clearly communicate and be authentically engaged with healthy boundaries, in any form of relationship.


Ceremony is taking deliberate action to support the recognition of our intentions– whether they be to initiate something new, heal, enter a new stage in development or deeper practice period, or celebrate a union. Ceremony is as much a part of being Human as our five fingers.


Let us never forget to play, to joyfully connect, laugh until our cheeks hurt, and dance until we forget everything else. Delight is the sheer joy of living this life when we let go of taking everything so seriously. Without a regular experience of delight, life becomes dry and too serious. Let us Play! 😛


It is quintessentially human to create: art, writing, science, music, homes, businesses… We are embodiments of Creation itself, thus it moves through us. Each person has an inherent gift of what to create in this life, the key to fulfilling work is first self discovery, and then seeking the skills of creation to develop mastery.


Our bodies beg to be used, to move regularly. Every tradition has a movement form as a daily practice that integrates moving all levels of the body, physical, breath, attention and energy. When these practices are incorporated into lifestyle, an open sense of vitality, availability, adaptability is the result.


The experience of feeling energized and vital, physically and emotionally capable to deal with whatever comes in life is a birthright and an essential piece of a balanced life. Health is foundational to open you to full human potential.


We are embedded in a Universe that is cyclic on all scales, earths rotation is experienced as days, the moon gives us weeks and months, the revolution around our sun gives us the experience of seasons. Within our families, bodies, emotions, and inner growth we cycle through themes and patterns. When we see and align with the rhythm we find new strength and harmony in life.