Releasing “The Curse”- Embracing Feminine Cycles

Cristina StarAspects: Ceremony, Health, Rhythm, SilenceLevels of Engagement: Exploring

Taught by TRU Director, Cristina Star, this revolutionary workshop ambitiously explores natural science, physiology, nutrition, cross-cultural history, yogic and ayurvedic viewpoints, and introduces the participant to foundational lifestyle and energy practices that will empower every human in relationship to the cycles of nature, especially the menstrual cycle, whether female or male bodied.
ekabhumi painting

Sacred Creativity

Ekabhumi EllikAspects: Creation, WisdomLevels of Engagement: Exploring

5 classes with Ekabhumi Ellik Format: 5 individual workshops These classes are for anyone who has an altar, displays art in their space, or wishes arrange their practice area to inspire and uplift the spirit. While no one should feel limited by ...