Soul Immersion Online 2017

Quentin Cole Cristina Star Ryan, Hareesh Wallis, Online, Scott Blossom

This unique immersion program is designed for students eager to take their awakening practices to a deeper level as well as experienced practitioners who wish to explore the benefits of continued commitment to a daily rhythm of practice with the support of an empowering community.


2017 COURSE IS FULL — no longer accepting applications, 2018 applications open in December.


This unique immersion program is designed for students eager to take their awakening practices to a deeper level as well as experienced practitioners who wish to explore the benefits of continued commitment to a daily rhythm of practice with the support of an empowering community.


Applications Closed

Deadline March 14th, 2017 Course is FULL

“The immersion was an unquestionably transformational experience. Coming out the other side, the world feels completely different: radiant, harmonious, bursting with beauty in the smallest detail”

~ Immersion graduate

In the following video Hareesh explains how the popular version of yoga can lead you to the inner yogas presented in this immersion.

“The Immersion has been the most powerful, transformative, and impactful experience of my spiritual practice. Hareesh and the team delivered authentic Tantrik teachings and practices that have filled my being with compassion, acceptance, and joy for others and the world exactly as they are. I know of no better method for empowerment and self-acceptance than this immersion program.”

Program Description:

This immersion is a unique opportunity to gain a thorough grounding in the Tantrik “View teachings” that are traditionally understood to be a prerequisite to successful practice, and to learn those foundational practices that are not given publicly, but only within the container of a committed community.

Students receive this transmission of View and practice from Hareesh, an inspiring and approachable teacher who is both an award-winning scholar and a long-term practitioner.

Furthermore, students learn from accomplished guest faculty on topics such as Ayurvedic cleansing, prana cultivation, and aligning with natural cycles adding up to a powerfully integrated and life-changing program.

This is more than a course: it is a complete immersion, a total process, a well-rounded spiritual and educational experience designed to bring about a permanent shift in your default state: living from your individual essence nature, or “Soul”.

The Immersion Includes:

  • lucidly presented wisdom teachings from Shaiva Tantra Yoga
  • complete yogic lifestyle guide to support the practices
  • powerful awareness cultivation, centering techniques, and energy body practices
  • individualized guidance with tailoring all content
  • illuminating reading and writing assignments
  • practicing in supportive online community with well organized support

presented during:

  • organized central course website
  • online weekly workshops posted in streaming video (vimeo) and audio download (mp3)
  • interactive forum with assignments and Q&A
  • live webinar Q & A calls
  • pdf reading materials and worksheets
  • individual freedom to watch the videos at any point after they are posted (until the website closes)
  • connection to other students with a weekly buddy assignment
  • one-on-one phone or skype check-ins with Hareesh– in person option for local students
  • guest  teachings by Scott Blossom & Cristina Star
  • 4 night retreat at Shambala Mountain Retreat Center, Colorado

*A 150 hour Certificate of Completion is awarded in Yoga Philosophy and practice which can be used to apply for CEUs with Yoga Alliance or other registries.

“The immersion course has lit a path for me out of the darkness. It has taught me how to accept what is. I’m still walking on that path, and with Hareesh’s teachings and guidance, I can see the sun shining, more and more brightly, each day.”


All students study videos, audio recordings, readings, have forum conversations, and utilize worksheets located on a central TRU education website over six months as well as attend a four-night retreat. Students are presented with numerous techniques to incorporate into a transformative daily practice which creates the foundation for fully awakening to one’s essence-nature, and stabilizing in living immersed in that.

Minimum commitment is one hour each day as well as shifts in lifestyle, and additional 2-5 hours per week of content ongoing, with greater investment in the first 2 weeks; however we offer enough content to practice with for 1-2 years. Each student receives 4 personal sessions with Hareesh to discuss and tune the practices and lots of support on the forum from faculty and the admin team.

Bonus: All participants can attend select teachings events with Hareesh’s during the program dates as a guest.

What is Awakening?

This free video workshop is a prerequisite to this course, and gives a super clear description of the goal of this program.

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About the Faculty:

HareeshPrimary Faculty: Hareesh (Christopher Wallis, Ph.D.) offers teaching that balances accuracy with accessibility, profundity with clarity, and intellectual integrity with heart-expanding inspiration. As a gifted scholar, he holds an M.A. in Sanskrit from U.C. Berkeley, an M.Phil. in Classical Indian Religions from the University of Oxford, and a Ph.D. from U.C. Berkeley on the traditions of Tantrik Shaivism. He has received traditional Yogic education at ashrams in India, Thailand, and New York and teaches internationally on meditation, yoga philosophy, sanskrit, and mantra science. He is the author of Tantra Illuminated, the only thorough introduction to Shaiva Tantra that is accessible to non-academics, and is the founder of The Mattamayura Institute.

Cristina StarGuest Faculty & Program Director: Cristina Star Ryan has practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years and integrates the practices into every facet of life. She holds a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and worked as a research scientist before focusing her efforts on creating the Mattamayura Institute and TRU. She has taught yoga asana, meditation, and feminine aspects of living in balance and encourages students to connect with deeper patterns of their nature and courageously live from there.

scott blossom

Guest Faculty: Scott Blossom is a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner, Shadow Yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Consultant. He has been studying yoga for over nineteen years and teaching for thirteen. He offers profound insights into the nature of the human experience and awakening with yoga, health, and prana through a highly accessible direct teaching style. He offers powerfully healing and integrative medical care and Shadow Yoga courses in the Bay Area.

“The Immersion that I had the honor to be a part of was in one word: transformative. Hareesh and Cristina have constructed a program steeped in wisdom, acceptance, and careful guidance that invites all involved to explore and discover the richness of a balanced life. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, they continually offer the most generous of gifts to the world.”


  • You must apply for this program. Deposit is due upon acceptance to register.
  • Retreat is mandatory part of the program, though permission from instructor granted for special circumstances
  • Housing options for retreat range: $425- $1050
  • Small additional cost for minimal supplies and reading materials
  • Payment plans available over seven months
  • Work trade partial scholarships available: Apply for a scholarship here
  • No refunds after startdate

Faculty: Hareesh Wallis with guests Scott Blossom, Ekabhumi Ellik, & Cristina Star
Dates: Date Change: April 15 – October 15, 2017
Location: ONLINE
Prerequisite: 40 Day Awareness Challenge or consent of Instructor
Tradition Emphasis: Shaiva TantraYoga
Associated Courses: What is Awakening, Spring Renewal Cleanse, 40 Day Awareness Challenge

More Testimonials



“…almost every single person the immersion testified that it was a life-changing experience. Nothing could possibly exemplify the significance of transmission vs. teaching better than the 25 glowing faces I had the blessing to witness at our closing retreat….”

~Hareesh, primary teacher

“The immersion provided the support and focus I feel was lacking in my practice life. Many of my perspectives and attitudes have shifted in ways that I know will affect my life permanently.  I am grateful.  I found the course information heavy, so I have valuable material that I can continue to revisit and explore in an effort to keep my mind and heart nourished. The course has provided me with confidence in my personal practices and awareness of where I need continued support. I am additionally appreciative of the tools i now have to address whatever arises.”

~2015 graduate

“[This Immersion] is an opportunity to dive deeply into a Tantrik Sadhana as well as integrate the insights and openings of continuous practice into our urban lives and relationships. The format allows a digestion and integration of spiritual teachings over a year that unfolds more deeply than on a retreat or workshop away from daily life. Hareesh is the most available and caring teacher I have had the honor of working with and I feel deeply grateful to have a wise guide and friend. This immersion echos a feeling for the experience of being part of a Tantrik kula a thousand years ago, practicing deeply within a small community with direct guidance and support from a wise friend.”  

~Raia, Immersion graduate

“Nothing has brought me greater joy than supporting the incredible personal transformations that occur during and after the Immersion. This program offers precious depth and integrity that is rare in the cacophony of new age fluff spirituality. Year after year I am awed by the fast impact these ancient practices have when integrated into the modern life with passion and commitment. This is truly a science.”

~ Cristina, director of the program