Yogic Sensing

Ekabhumi Ellik

CR108-02 Yogic Sensing: That Which Machines Cannot Measure

  • Single Online Class
  • Includes to 2 hr video, mp3 download, pdf reading, practices, Sacred Art forum access
  • Access for lifetime of TRU

Did you know we have MANY more than 5 senses? There is a difference between subtle sensing and psychic powers, and even greater difference between subtle and yogic sensing. They are available to everyone, however it is only with practice that these subtler senses become honed and useful for navigating life. In yoga, the body is a thinking organism, the heart/mind, and we utilize this holistic principle to learn to identify patterns in life that help with clarifying what is “really” happening on the larger scales. In this workshop we begin to move beyond the 5 senses and cover the full spectrum of senses available and how to access them. This workshop includes instruction on foundational practices including meditation, visualization, and mantra to integrate the teachings into daily life so that you can sharpen all the senses available to you!

Taught by an Artist/Yogi, examples are focused in the area of creating and obtaining art for the sake of Realization.. The yogic practice of art extends beyond and includes the limited social concept of art. Art is the act of creating, and we are creating, building, and manifesting on a daily basis.

NOTE: The content of this course is rare to come by, and our research showed nothing in writing out there to date. This class includes a 21 page extremely practical description by Ekabhumi.

This class is cross listed with Creation and Wisdom Aspects.