Releasing “The Curse”- Embracing Feminine Cycles

Cristina Star

8099585654_eb5696f009Whether female or male bodied, after this workshop you will actually look forward to menstruation as a gift, and know how to relate to it to deepen your health, harmony with your partner, and journey of awakening. Transform your relationship to your moontime (menstruation) and embrace the Rhythms of Life!

    • Faculty: Cristina Star
    • 4.5 hours in 4 videos plus handouts
    • Enrollment: OPEN
    • Tradition Emphasis: pan-traditional
    • Related Courses: This program is a prerequisite for Embracing Your Cycles- In depth Course Dates TBA

Have you ever related to menstruation as a “curse”? Even as the foundation of a woman’s power and fertility, it is possibly the least commonly understood and most taboo bodily phenomenon in the modern world. Both men and women regularly relate to it without respect, understanding, or the physical and emotional requirements to maintain health and balance.

This revolutionary workshop ambitiously explores natural science, physiology, nutrition, cross-cultural history, yogic and shamanic viewpoints, and introduces the participant to foundational lifestyle and energy practices that will empower every female-bodied person in their experience of the cycles of nature, especially the menstrual cycle. It will also offer men the opportunity to learn how to support the women in their lives and feel empowered with how to relate to this aspect of the feminine.

Special bonus for yoga practitioners: learn how to relate to the practices (all of them) throughout your cycle.

” I used to experience painful moon cycles that drained me of energy and left me anxious for the next month. After working with Cristina Star, I am ecstatic to say: “I love my period!” ~Piper Rose

woman_in_moon_light_1920x1200Participants receive practices and guidance which increases their understanding, health, influence, and energetic sensitivity to move into a state of freedom and- yikes- even total LOVE of menstruation!

“This is something that I will go back to over and over and that I will share with my girls when they are older.”- current student

happy-hair-001Hi! I’m Cristina Star, founder and director of TRU, and I transformed my relationship to my menstrual (moon) cycle from crippling pain, fistfulls of ibuprofen and the occasional Vicodin while pushing through my to-do-list, into a luxurious, empowering, rejuvenating, inspiring period, which is literally my favorite-time-of-the month. I invested years of learning about hormones, diet, exercise, shamanism, energy, and yoga, with a lot of healing in there, before I finally threw off the shackles of the internalized patriarchy of linear productivity and embodied my feminine cycles. Thank Goddess for that!

Now I can do things like choose when I ovulate and menstruate simply by moving my energy, and I utilize my moon to have the most creative visions, the most profound healings, the most powerful ceremonies, and contribute to my community most effectively! The entire curriculum for this workshop and the 7 week course was born of a year of moontime dreams!

I’m on a mission, I believe that the rejection and ignorance of our moontime is the epitome of our feminine oppression, and I’m here to share everything I have learned to uplift all of humanity. Women are powerful beyond measure, and I want to help all of us tap into that capacity and heal the world through uplifting half its population, and bringing us back into harmony with our bodies, and the Earth’s, cycles. Men, you will benefit so so much from us doing this work, and we need your support and understanding for this to work!

I wanted to express my deep gratitude for the moon teachings. It is so special and nourishing to feel connected to the wisdom of my own energy cycles. I’ve only had one moon cycle since the workshop and already it feels like a total game changer for my life. I have lots to say about how much the moon teachings are enriching my embodiment, connection to self, and spiritual development. I feel they are absolutely essential to my spiritual path. So a deep bow to Cristina! May we all benefit from her commitment to rediscovering this essential wisdom.” ~ Melissa, TRU Soul Immersion graduate

Looking Forward:
This workshop covers the prerequisite practices to learning how to work with energy to consciously influence the timing and strength of menstruation and ovulation, and channel it into personal growth, creativity, ceremony, and larger scale familial and societal benefit. This is a prerequisite to a transformative course which guides female bodied students through an in depth understanding of their physiology, energetics, feminine embodiment, cross cultural history, and self connection and creates the framework to take charge of their cycle through energetic practices.


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Cristina Star

Cristina Star holds a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, worked as a geochemist and astrophysicist, and left a PhD program in 2009 to pursue the path of self-actualization full time. She has practiced yoga and meditation for over 20 years, shamanism for 13, and integrates the practices into every facet of life. She built the school of Yogic Studies, Mattamayura Institute, with Hareesh Wallis in 2011 developing an alternative value-based business model, and launched TRU Education in 2015 as an extension of that vision. Cristina is a light hearted yet direct teacher of more obscure practices, and remains grounded in her science background, providing a fresh perspective on the natural processes and experiencing life at the boundary of natural science and metaphysics. More on her journey here.

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“Cristina Star is truly a channel for clear Goddess energy. Learning from her and just being in her presence I more deeply receive grace. After learning her moon teachings, I now give myself so much more permission to just ‘be’ in the heaviness of flow, I humbly allow others to serve me (!), and be nurtured and nourished during my moon cycle. I can listen with a deeper, quieter listening, and allow my body and spirit to speak to me with a voice beyond words that gives me direct knowing. Cristina Star leads with welcoming care and clarity and her nature is gloriously infectious.” ~ Lucid Dawn, Yoga Teacher and Performer