New Spring Cleanse

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Experience the transformative renewal of consciously shifting your diet and lifestyle for 10 days with expert and community support in this seamless online program.

For 2018, we have revamped our cleanse protocol and added all new materials to integrate honed modern nutrition with the solid foundation of traditional Ayurveda. Whether you are new or veteran to cleansing, this program will support you through a dietary and lifestyle cleanse and offer valuable education and tools you can utilize to enhance your daily life moving forward.

Join Scott Blossom, Ayurvedic Consultant and Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner, and Cristina Star, director of TRU Education, in a 10-day Spring Cleanse as we connect to the transformative power of supportive community, cleansing gourmet food, compassionate self-care, and refinement of how we live balanced, meaningful lives.

Dates: March 9- April 9 (Cleanse March 17-26)
Tradition Emphasis: Ayurveda plus modern nutrition science
Tuition: $108; $88 early birds by March 1, 25% off for previous cleanse participants

Upgrade: one on one session with Scott $99 Scholarship Application available here
Affiliate Program: Get 20% for each referral to this program by becoming an Affiliate
Associated Courses: Living Ayurveda, Vibrant Fall Cleanse

The “official” cleanse dates are March 17-26, but there is a window of March 9- April 9 for each participant to cleanse in 10 consecutive days that work best for them and have access to materials and the community.

My cleanse was an amazing experience. Never before have I felt the power and effects of foods and herbs on my health and well-being so strongly. Thank you all for your inspiring online company, and the knowledge and wisdom that came along with your fabulous facilitation, dear Cristina and Scott. I am happy to be part of this community. ~2017 Fall participant

What is this new Spring Cleanse?

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Ayurvedic cleansing is unique in the world of detoxification because of its balanced, gentle, and nourishing approach. The dietary and lifestyle practices reflect the “middle path” of healing, where rejuvenation and purification are included in each step. This reflects an understanding that real transformation takes place gradually and subtly, in a way that our bodies, minds, and hearts can truly assimilate.

Ayurveda is not the end all, and today with modern nutrition and supplements we can carefully and consciously augment and enhance this ancient Indian science to the modern lifestyle and dietary needs.

By temporarily adjusting how we eat, work, exercise, and sleep, we shake up our “cornerstone habits.” These are the day-to-day, often unconscious, habits that form the core pillars of our lives. Changing them invites us look closely at our underlying beliefs, and discover what truly makes us healthy and happy. The process is a type of meditation on how our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs all express themselves in our moment to moment behaviors, choices, and reactions.

This balancing cleanse is about creating the space in your life for 10 days of very intentional living, and seeing what happens. It is an adventure of self-exploration and we are here to support you with a jovial and understanding community, delicious recipes, and lifestyle practices that invite deeper insights. 

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Participants Receive:

  • A straightforward seasonal protocol for 10 days that includes
    • a delicious recipe booklet
    • meal plans
    • grocery lists
    • and Ayurvedic lifestyle practices
    • bonus worksheets
  • New integration of specific modern nutritional science insights that work synergistically with the ancient Ayurvedic science.
  • Season specific content, including new recipes, and an upgraded protocol from previous programs
  • Brand new instructional videos which teach the fundamentals of cleansing and offer clear guidance through the program; educational for beginners and adepts alike.
  • Customization suggestions to address the root causes of current imbalances
  • Simple Ayurvedic herbal and nutritional supplement enhancement recommendations
  • Live access and recordings of 3 video calls with Scott and Cristina to bring clarity, depth, and additional ayurvedic and yogic philosophy to your cleanse experience
  • Access to the private course forum where you’ll find Q&A, photos and support from Scott, Cristina and the community of cleansers

A huge thank you to Cristina and Scott for this offering. You both have a beautiful way about you. The cleanse has given me the gift of “hunger” and set in motion a ritual to my day. As well, I have never been so grounded in my life… I have a sense of calm and this is not my norm. Gratitude for your support, wisdom and love! ~ 2017 Participant

Bonus option: One-on-One Consult with Scott

This year to offer those who want a more targeted and individualized experience, Doctor Blossom has blocked out times in his clinic  for one-on-one sessions specific to the cleanse. There are limited number  which can be done in person (Berkeley) OR online. Enroll to access this upgrade and schedule your session. First come first served.


Scott Blossom is a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner, Shadow Yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Consultant. He has been studying yoga for over twenty years and teaching for fourteen. His 15 years of clinical experience have laid a foundation for the therapies and practices that he shares on, a site dedicated to Ayurvedic education, nutrition, and treatments.  As a clinical practitioner, he applies augmentation of tradition to enhance the results at the intersection of modern nutrition, Ayurveda, and TCM, with a profound respect for the traditions. He offers profound insights into the nature of the human experience with yoga, health, and prana through a highly accessible direct teaching style. His primary teachers are Zhander Remete, founder of Shadow Yoga, and Dr. Robert Svoboda, renowned Ayurvedic physician and scholar. He offers powerfully healing and expansive medical care and Shadow Yoga courses.

Cristina Star Ryan is the director of TRU, a well practiced yogi and athlete. She has 9 years of personal experience with cleansing and fasting in various traditions including Ayurveda, and broad experience with modern supplemental enhancements and is a as liaison in this cleanse, hosting the videos with Scott and participating actively on the forum. She has lived the lifestyle recommended by the cleanse for nearly a decade. As a master cook, she brings California flair to the cleanse protocol and recipes. Working with multiple dietary restrictions, she offers insight on food restriction and understanding how to identify what foods your body assimilates best. She holds a degree in Physics from UC Berkeley, and worked as a research scientist before focusing her efforts on creating TRU.

This is has all been so, so helpful ! Thank you for holding this space for us. I feel really great about the cleanse and upholding a lot of the practices moving forward. Here’s to feeling good and positive life changes!  ~ 2016 participant


  • All participants will engage through the TRU education portal website and receive all materials here. This same url is also the course, once you have enrolled and are logged in.
  • Forum participation in this intuitive platform is encouraged; here Scott and Cristina address specific questions as they arise and participants receive community support.
  • There are 3 LIVE Q&A video calls, which will be recorded so you will not miss a session if you cannot join live.
  • Recordings of the calls and the generous booklet of recipes and cleanse protocol is yours to keep, however videos are not downloadable.

Important Dates

happy healthy eating self careThe “official” group cleanse dates are March 17-26, but there is a window of March 9 – April 9th for each participant to cleanse in 10 consecutive days that work best for them.

  • March 9: site opens with instructional videos, detailed cleanse protocol, and grocery lists
  • March 17-26: recommended cleanse days; forum and community engagement offers a lot of support!
  • March 19: live call 1 6p PST- Addressing preliminary questions about getting started
  • March 24: live call 2 930a PST- Addressing questions arising during the cleanse
  • March 27: live call 3 530p PST- Addressing questions as the cleanse completes/return to “normality”
  • March 29: last day Scott will participate on the course forum
  • April 9: and access to the site closes, forum remains open so participants can continue to share with eachother and enjoy the community experience.

Referral Program: To encourage community and health on a larger scale, we ask you to invite your loved ones to join you in this cleanse! We offer a TRU Affiliate program, where anyone who has experience with any of our courses or is enrolled currently in a course can refer friends and get paid 20% of their tuition. All the details are under the link above, sign up today, make a simple facebook share and help spread the health!!!


Dear Cristina and Scott, thank you SO much for leading us through this cleanse. It served to bring wellness to my body and so many insights to the way I relate to others around food and drink! ~ 2017 participant