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Sacred Creativity

Ekabhumi EllikAspects: Creation, WisdomLevels of Engagement: Exploring

5 classes with Ekabhumi Ellik

Format: 5 individual workshops06_20_LR

These classes are for anyone who has an altar, displays art in their space, or wishes arrange their practice area to inspire and uplift the spirit. While no one should feel limited by their physical environs, in fact we are deeply affected. Even small mindful adjustments can greatly aid health, “luck”, and spiritual practice.

  • Is that collection of old pictures and dried flowers really an unconscious altar?
  • Why does it matter if that cute statue of Ganesha is sitting or standing?
  • What are all those objects in all the arms on my goddess picture?
  • How can I recognize if art was created in devotion or commercially?

Poster Lakshmi1Explore answers to these and many other questions about the sacred art in your life.We learn how to use both intuition and intellect to effectively re-arrange our personal world with understanding as to how it can effectively support our journey and the well-being of our loved ones.

Workshop Themes include:

  • Your Body as the Instrument of Art
  • Yogic Sensing- That Which Machines Cannot Measure
  • Living Sacred Art: Life as a Mandala
  • Goddess as Your Roommate- Bringing the Sacred Home
  • Ritualize Your Life: Everything is Sacred
  • (see detailed descriptions of each below)

Each all-level theory class includes:

  • a centering Meditation
  • lucid lecture with clear examples
  • illuminating exercises
  • pdf reading written by Ekabhumi


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07 Creation.png Detailed Class Descriptions:

CR108-01: Your Body as the Instrument of Art

This first workshop kicks off the series with the necessity of toning the physical foundation for moving into deeper energetic practice and explores the body as the ultimate art-making instrument. The body senses and expresses while directly interacting with the energy of the environment. This subtle and complex dance is rich in daily life. How does this become pertinent in engaging the sacred? Some topics covered include energetic basics, opening and closing the mandala, tending to your body, and recognizing limitations of the biased mind.

CR108-02: Yogic Sensing- That Which Machines Cannot Measure

In yoga the body is a thinking organism; the heart-mind. Learn to utilize this holistic principle to identify patterns in life that help with clarifying what is “really” happening. It is only with practice that yogic sensing is available, but it is available to everyone. Support systems for this clarity include community, Guru, scripture, and personal experience. In this workshop we begin to move beyond the 5 senses.

CR108-03: Living Sacred Art: Life as a Mandala

Humans are built to be an enlightenment machine. This workshop explores the tools, philosophies, and practices that are beneficial to creating an environment that facilitates the flow of grace. We aren’t making ourselves enlightened, we are opening ourselves to what is already always enlightened. This is not an opening that happens at random, we direct it as we become a curator of the sacred in our lives.

CR108-04: Goddess as Your Roommate- Bringing the Sacred Home

How do you recognize the Goddess? How do you know if she is the Goddess for you? After all that, how do you entice her to stay? This workshop covers basics of setting the sacred space for that energy which you want to call in. Altars, environment, and offerings are the foundational components to supporting these energies.

CR108-05: Ritualize Your Life: Everything is Sacred

Utilizing the platform of sacred art you will have an opportunity to practice basic principles of ritual and connect to art-making in a primordial way by connecting to bigger cycles of life. There are respectful ways to imbue the elements of traditional art and ritual into your revelant personal traditions and symbolism. This workshop covers the basics of ritual through traditional Tantrik methods.


Ekabhumi and Ganesha

Ekabhumi Charles Ellik is an eloquent, inspiring, and thorough teacher who utilizes sacred art practices to help students cultivate deeper intuitive states, so they may sense and create the sacred in daily life. He holds a BA in Fine Arts with an emphasis on Figurative Art, has taught Yoga since 2005,  and currently works full time as a sacred Artist and teacher. He is a regular student of Nepalese master painter, Dinesh Charan Shrestha, learning traditional Newar style of Tankha and Paubha painting and has studied Yantra and the painting of Devas in the lineage of Harish Johari in India. Ekabhumi’s poems and artworks have appeared in several publications, shows and private collections, illustrating Tantra Illuminated by Christopher Hareesh Wallis (2011), Awakening Shakti (2012) by Sally Kempton, and has just released his own The Shakti Coloring Book: Goddesses, Mandalas, and the Power of Sacred Geometry with Sounds True Publishing.