Ritualize Your Life

Ekabhumi EllikAspects: Creation, Wisdom

CR108-05 Ritualize Your Life: Everything is Sacred

  • Single Online Class
  • Includes to 2 hr video, mp3 download, pdf reading, practices, Sacred Art forum access
  • Access for lifetime of TRU

The goal of any spiritual practice is to create a seamless experience of life, not simply compartmentalizing “sacred” and “mundane”, or our “spiritual experience” with “everything else”. Everything is the divine, everything is sacred, and thus all action is ritual within that sacred space. This workshop covers the basics of ritual through traditional Tantrik methods. Utilizing the platform of sacred art, we learn to practice basic principles of ritual and connect to art-making in a primordial way by connecting to the bigger cycles of life.  This workshop includes respectful ways to imbue the elements of traditional art and ritual into your relevant personal traditions and symbolism as well as instruction on foundational practices including meditation, visualization, and mantra to integrate the teachings into daily life so that each moment can be experienced as sacred.

Taught by an Artist/Yogi, examples are focused in the area of creating and obtaining art for the sake of Realization. The yogic practice of art extends beyond and includes the limited social concept of art. Art is the act of creating, and we are creating, building, and manifesting on a daily basis.

This class is cross listed with Creation and Wisdom Aspects.