The Recognition Sutras

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Ready to dive into the new book, The Recognition Sutras by Christopher Hareesh Wallis? Do it with him!

30 hours, 25 videos, clear study guide, guided meditations, and bonus materials all on the sleek TRU Education Portal

The divine essence of your innermost being is ever-present, but only becomes fully available to you when you learn how to recognize it: so says the Pratyabhijñā-hṛdayama sacred Tantrik text that informed and influenced the development of nondual spirituality in India and beyond, but has never been accurately translated into English -- until now.

"Working with these amazing teachings and a masterful guide feeds my soul to the point of perfect satiation! Hareesh is so articulate and has a way of making these sutras accessible to those truly wanting to receive them. He cares deeply for the practice and all those who choose to partake in it.  Thank you Hareesh for being a glistening mirror, reflecting the truth and love within all hearts."  ~Jessica

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About this Course

Hareesh Wallis's second book is a complete translation and explanation of this spiritual masterpiece, published under the title The Recognition Sutras, September 2017. This 30 hour online course, Hareesh takes you on an in depth journey through the book with characteristic illuminating spiritual insight woven with academic rigor and critical thinking.  The Recognition Sūtras describe with incredible precision the process by which Universal Consciousness contracts into embodied form (i.e., you), temporarily gets lost in that form and forgets its true nature, then realizes itself once again, and experiences seamless unity with the Whole.

The Recognition Sutras Full Course is for you if:

  • You want to immerse yourself in Tantrik Yoga philosophy and dive deep into one of its foundational texts
  • You deeply appreciate in depth examination of descriptions of reality, and are more averse to fluff and woo
  • You would like to learn some of the most vital and effective practices ever discovered by the Tantrik Yoga tradition (found in Chapter 18 of the text, these have never been translated accurately before)
  • You want access to a community of kindred spirits, awake with curiosity and alive with passion for the spiritual path and ripe with sharp intellect and open hearts
  • You want access to the expertise of a professional Sanskrit scholar who is also a long-term practitioner.
"Hareesh Wallis' Recognition class has been a transformative experience in my yogic education. The text itself and Hareesh's translation and commentary are moving, powerful, and applicable to so many facets of our life and inquiry as yogins. Yet beyond the text, it was Hareesh's dedication to his students and to addressing (and, at times, anticipating) their need for background information to more fully access the text under study that made the class a singular experience." ~student

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You will receive:

  • One year access to this in depth course leading you through Hareesh's book
  • 25 one hour videos going over the content of the book recorded live with a class
  • Clear study guide to deepen your embodiment of the practices and course material.
  • Guided meditations and the nine key Tantrik practices that support your recognition of your true nature.
  • A private community forum for students to engage with Hareesh and each other with rich content and conversation
  • bonus audio download for every video -  yours to keep forever
  • option to extend your time on the site after the year

The transmission:

  • Understanding the nature of the mind and how we create our own suffering,
  • Discovering what it really means to be a 'divine being having a human experience', and
  • Experiencing practices and techniques that can lead to sustainable, embodied transformation.
"Hareesh's academic rigor, the level of his own spiritual development, his fiery passion for spreading this knowledge and his open heart is, quite simply, a recipe for mighty powerful transmission. My study with him has been a life altering experience; I cannot say enough about Hareesh Wallis’ awesome ability as a teacher and spiritual guide." ~Kathy


Hareesh Wallis: A highly decorated scholar with a Masters of Philosophy in Classical Indian Religions from the University of Oxford, a MA in Sanskrit and a Ph.D. in the tradition of Shiava Tantra from the University of California, Berkeley, he has also received traditional yogic education at ashrams in India, Thailand, and New York. Hareesh teaches internationally on meditation, yoga philosophy, Sanskrit, and chanting, and he also offers spiritual coaching. His teaching balances accuracy with accessibility, profundity with clarity, and intellectual integrity with heart-expanding inspiration. For more about Hareesh see Our Teachers page.

The Text

Hareesh (aka Christopher Wallis, PhD) is so far the only scholar-practitioner to accurately translate into English Kshemarāja’s 50-page explanation of his own sūtras. His new book, The Recognition Sutras, explores the full text and its transformative implications in clear and illuminating language to empower the modern aspirant. This course comprises the first public reading of this about-to-be published book. Each sūtra is explained in detail by the original author, Kshemarāja, Abhinavagupta’s successor (these masters are to medieval India what Plato and Socrates were to ancient Greece).

"I feel blessed for being able to attend these online classes. With them, I practice presence, I nourish the loving awareness within, and I tend the fire of the most beautiful heart to heart connection of all. I finish every class in awe, with so many tools and ideas to work with, grateful beyond words. Hareesh's teachings leave one's heart empowered, yet humbled. Every encounter is a wonderful manifestation of unconditional love." ~ Laura

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. I got a bookmark promo code, where do I put that? When you click on the big red registration button, you will have a clear opportunity to enter a "discount code" at checkout.
  2. How does this relate to the The Recognition Sutras class offered by the Yoga Sutra Project? The YSP course is a mini, very abbreviated take on this text with only six hours of content and is not offered by TRU. This course is the in depth version and has 30 hours of content, a large community on the forum, and is designed to take you on a complete guided journey through Hareesh's book, The Recognition Sutras.
  3. How does this course relate to Mattamayura Institute's "Heart of Recognition Course"? This course is going over the same scripture, but with a new format and updated edition, in which we do deeper because of the completion of Hareesh's published book on the text (2017). This course has Hareesh's book as its foundation, which was inspired from his teaching of the Heart of Recognition course 3 times with MMI. There is definitely much to explore for anyone who has completed that program previously with this newly designed course. This is the exact same course that was offered in the spring of 2016 and 2017 online and in the bay Area.
  4. How does this relate to the Soul Immersion? This course is a subset of the Soul Immersion curriculum, comprising the textual study portion of that program, which is additionally 100+ more hours of content and practices. It is especially suited for students who want to go deeper into their studies of Nondual Shaiva Tantra Yoga with Hareesh but are not able to do the Immersion.
  5. Where are these classes recorded? These are recorded during a live class with students on the weekends in two 2 1/2 hour blocks at Wildcat Retreat Center in Richmond, California. These are edited into 4 one hour long videos.
  6. More Questions? Contact Us

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