Body as the Instrument of Creation

Ekabhumi EllikAspects: Creation, Health, Wisdom

CR108-01 Body as the Instrument of Creation

  • Single Online Class
  • Includes to 2 hr video, mp3 download, pdf reading, practices, Sacred Art forum access
  • Access for lifetime of TRU

This first workshop is the first in the CR108 series, and covers the essentials for engaging in any creative endeavor as a sustainable practice of alignment. This workshop guides the student through the necessity of toning the physical foundation for moving into a deeper energetic practice, and explores the body as the ultimate instrument of creation. The body both senses and expresses, while directly interacting with the energy of the environment. Given that this subtle and complex dance is rich in daily life, how is it pertinent in engaging the sacred? This workshop offers instruction on foundational practices including energetic basics, tending to your body, recognizing limitations of the biased mind, opening and closing the mandala, meditation, visualization, and mantra. Together these help you to integrate the teachings into daily life so that what you create in the world is sustainable and aligned with the Whole.

Taught by an Artist/Yogi, examples are focused in the area of creating and obtaining art for the sake of Realization and Yoga practices from the lineage of Tantra. The yogic practice of art extends beyond and includes the limited social concept of art. Art is the act of creating, and we are creating, building, and manifesting on a daily basis.

This class is cross listed with Creation, Wisdom, and Health Aspects.

Tradition Emphasis: Tantrik Yoga