Releasing “The Curse”- Embracing Feminine Cycles

Cristina Star Cristina Star Ryan, Local, Online

Taught by TRU Director, Cristina Star, this revolutionary workshop ambitiously explores natural science, physiology, nutrition, cross-cultural history, yogic and ayurvedic viewpoints, and introduces the participant to foundational lifestyle and energy practices that will empower every human in relationship to the cycles of nature, especially the menstrual cycle, whether female or male bodied.

Vibrant Fall Cleanse

Scott Blossom

Faculty: Scott Blossom is your primary guide in this cleanse, offering profound wisdom, experience and medical guidance in your cleanse. He is a Traditional Chinese Medical practitioner, Shadow Yoga teacher, and Ayurvedic Consultant. He has been studying yoga for over 20 …

Fire & Nectar Retreat ~ Hareesh & Hannah Muse

Hareesh Wallis

LAST CALL- 4 full days of deeply exploring a transformative holistic yoga practice with master teachers. This retreat took me somewhere I had never been before, yet somewhere so intimate as only an inner heart experience can be. It was …

This retreat has ended. Please check our course listing for other courses and future events.

Spring Renewal Cleanse

Cristina Star Cristina Star Ryan, Online, Scott Blossom

Experience the transformative renewal of consciously shifting your diet and lifestyle for 10 days with expert and community support. Join Scott Blossom, Ayurvedic Consultant and Traditional Chinese Medical Practitioner, in a 10-day Spring Cleanse as we connect to the transformative power of supportive community, cleansing …